40- what does this mean?

What is the big deal about this number? First of all why is it a milestone ? And why is it so intimidating? Today being the first day of 2018, all I think is, That number is not very far for me!

My friends and family  keep reminding me this milestone birthday which makes me quiet uncomfortable! Are they trying to say “ thats enough, stop what you do and act your age ? “ or “do they mean you are at 40 now better start planning for your future ? “ “ what is it all about ? – why do people keep pointing at someone’s age at 40 ? Why do they plan a big bash on 40? Is it  to celebrate half way point, and just another half you are done ?? Looks like I can come up lots of “why” questions for this !!

But to me, it feels like a number. What can that number do ? Is it going to change my life in one day? With mixed feelings, I thought I should pen down what i feel at the start of this year and really see if that official entry to middle age Later this year has some things unexplainable. Let me wait with fingers crossed!

When I speak to friends who are already there to know how it feels, invariably everyone says they want to look younger than what their age is ! Well, stay fit and healthy always be it 40 or 80 , may be does it mean start taking it seriously when you turn 40.I also hear another comment – Marathons are filled with middle age guys trying to escape the responsibilities for one or two hours ! That might be true! This is to escape from stressed out Urban life and not because of the magical number.Well, I am already in that path with strict workout regime ! 40 is not gonna change anything !

Travel around the world is the next what I hear – I do that quite a lot and i know backpackers who are passionate about travelling start way in 20 s. So another goal with no relevancy to be 40 ! May be I can say if someone hasn’t travelled anywhere atleast start now , an ultimatum set?

Career – now start your own, change your path , find something creative – well is this really something to do with forty ?? I dont think so. Obviously more than a decade of same work and its culture brings boredom and a slightly sombre life ! So everyone wants to explore something new. Not because they are hitting the milestone number!

Then what is it? – create a bucket list ? This depends on people s way of life , some people like to be in their world not trying anything new and still happy and some more have their list always on – Exploring and learning new things which makes them feel good ! In fact i want to be the second category person, but again nothing to do with number.

Still I cant see anything special about this number – Is it that retro music and celebrities from the past are still my favourites and I cant stand the new generation music , fashion and movies ? Does it not show that I know to choose my favourites rather than blindly following a fashion Tv and a viral music because my peers do?Is this called as midlife crisis!

If so why wait till 40. IT industry has changed the way of settling down in career and personal life. Job in hand soon after graduation, career  growth , fancy cars & houses are not that difficult to invest. And none has to wait till 40 to say that life is monotonous  ! Planning to break this routine cycle has started quite early for me – I am sure for many , atleast in this virtual and real world overlapped era!

So what is it ! Someone enlighten me why is it so important? And what should I really plan ? A reading glass?? hair color? Mamograms? ……thats it ??, ..

Well, To me its just a number and i might try to hide my grey hair and wrinkles but not my age !

Life begins at 40 because you’ve traveled just enough to know what your life is.…..But I am gonna walk slowly through my 39 carefully to see how life will begin at 40 …

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  1. Raja Ray says:

    Well dear …. age is actually a count…nothing more than that….situation changes with time….priorities change ……but the way one look to life must not change…..i haven’t changed a bit since the fag-end of my school life….yes off course my tasks changed…..be jolly and happy……life is to enjoy and not think of numbers….one can enjoy to the fullest both in black and grey times…

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