Will you keep writing even if you have no readers? This question was thrown at me recently and I just gave a smile back. And another friend asked me – “why don’t you do Vlogs? People have no patience to read, and all your efforts might not get fully appreciated??” It is true when a…

Unreliable Sources Yet Fascinating Information

History is one of my fascinations, there are many interesting stories and movies of the past which still is amazing to read and watch. But I also believe that the production of history is embedded with a bias. This blog is to explore some of the facts about History and its uncertainties.

Love Thy Heroes !!

Heroes embody collective ideals and values and they personify popular aspirations for a good society and for leading exemplary lives. Heroes and role models stand out as anchors of motivation. SO WHO IS A HERO ?

Surprised at my own Metamorphosis

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – First known ancient literature about Yoga compiled by Maharishi Patanjali, 2000 years ago. It is considered to be the gospel of yoga and provides timeless wisdom in short verses.

Easy … Breathe In… Let it go….

There is absolutely no apt comparison of this pandemic with anything we have experienced. Or do you think it is overrated compared to terrorism, war, hurricane or an earthquake? Obviously these calamities have created a huge visual chaos. Meanwhile this tiny invisible virus has noticeably stopped the whole world without any bias. And we are…

The Subtlety of Idolatry

The above picture could inspire interesting topics for discussion. …For some reason… People around me think I am an Atheist. In India generally,  there are only two extremes, you could either be here or there. Agnostic is ignored and considered as non-existent. You are forbidden to ask questions about God/Offerings/Rituals as it is considered to…

Yes, No or May be……………

When our planet is undergoing self-renovation, we are fighting hard to adapt ourselves to the “New Normal”. As this goes on, something from the news kept bothering me for the past couple of days. “US President requests, or rather orders for export of medicines from India” Day 1 request was made and the word ‘retaliation’…

It s a Small World After All !!!

It is a small world after all!!!! It’s a world of laughter, a world of tears It’s a world of hopes and a world of fears There’s so much that we share that it’s time we’re aware It’s a small world after all!!!!! Disney made this song quite popular from the original version, it unarguably…

Getting a ‘Kick’ out of ……….

No Friday evening goes without a debate at home, “What movie should we watch— search, selection & rejection goes for almost an hour and sometimes we don’t agree on anything and skip movie night. Blame it on Netflix, Amazon prime databases….it was easier for our parents when it was just one common regional Sunday Movie in DD….

Steady Gaze – Endearing or Malicious ??

“Well, keep this as a secret for now, I don’t want to share this with everyone, you know – some people and their bad eyes” “I prefer to tell it after it happens, I don’t want any bad luck tailing behind.” “I knew this will not happen, I can still remember that stare at me…

Tribute to My loving cousin!!

That lonely night in Tokyo is something thats not easy to get over , I couldn’t sleep even for a second , I tried everything watching sitcoms, listening to music, counting sheep, reading book ,messaging friends, facebook , nothing, I cant even shut my eyes for a minute! Nothing is worse than looking at the…

Striking Parallelism : Vedic Stories Vs Modern Science

I confidently finished my last blog saying  (What are the qualifications to be a Hindu God….?) , Let me deep dive to understand better – Insane I would say. The word “Deep dive was written without the clue of the subject depth. As a blogger, I have the liberty to choose any topic and rant…

Boomerang: what goes around comes around

“Why me? What did I do to deserve this?” I bet this question crosses everyone’s mind at least once in lifetime. Life is biased… Many of us have thought about this. Haven’t we?  Real Life is like a sinusoidal wave with ups and downs. Some of us face rigorous stress tests and some lead a nonchalant happy life…

In the land of Rising Sun ….

Travelling to new places boosts enormous amount of positive energy and gives new perceptions to life in many dimensions ! Recently, I spent two weeks in the beautiful city of Tokyo for work ! I always enjoy business travels as my focus is not on sightseeing but get lot of opportunities to experience everyday life…

Our Roots Our First Identity!!!!

Summer, this year, is mercilessly throwing the heatwaves at us never than ever before ( Do we say this every year ?). But this year, with Road expansion and Metro construction, we lost a whole bunch of age old trees. As a result we are suffering and complaining about Global warming. Seriously, Mind and Body…

Just 4 Paragraphs !!

So I was talking to my friend and she suggested on writing smaller blogs with lighter ideas ! Well after all those inspirational quotes and memes/ status messages/ digital media whatever you

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