Hey Everyone,

This is Lavanya, One among the IT professionals living in Silicon valley of India, Bangalore. 

Since 2016 this blog site (www.velzblog.com), is my outlet to share my ideas, aspirations, thoughts to many unknown faces.

Lav’s Musings : Good, Bad & Ugly – Totally unedited

I call it “coffee talks” Nobody sets an agenda for a coffee time discussion, but that is where many interesting random, inspiring ideas pop up.

I do not limit my blog to specific genre, and I love exploring answers for simple day to day questions in everyone’s mind. 

I have been writing regularly about my Business travels to exotic places, books I read, my interests, everyday experiences, my observations, my anger, my passion and so on and so forth. 

Coffee Talks is for anyone who needs a break from their busy schedule, I bet I will make you laugh, think, surprise with some facts, sow different ideas and listen to you as well.

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