Hey Guys, My name is Lavanya and I am from Bangalore, India. I work as a telecom Sales Engineer and enjoy writing and sharing my thoughts.

Well, in 2016 when my work pressure started multiplying, I started this blogsite, and it became my outlet to share my aspirations to many unknown faces.

Since then, I have been writing regularly about my Business travels, books I read, my interests, everyday experiences, my observations, my anger, my passion and so on and so forth. I dont limit my blog to specifc genre, Uncategorized.

Lav’s Musings : Good, Bad & Ugly – Totally unedited

I call it “coffee talks” Nobody sets an agenda for a coffeetime discussion, but that is where many interesting random, inspiring ideas pop up.

Coffee Talks is for anyone who needs a break from thier busy schedule, I bet I will make you laugh, think, surprise with some facts, sow different ideas and listen to you as well.

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