Whispers to the moon : A Silent celebration

Simple attire, No lavish gifts, No grand fete, nor boisterous tunes, Yet, It marks a milestone birthday. Quietude and grins, A touch of special care, Warm caress and sweet kisses, Yet, A tranquil celebration unveils. A stepping stone reached, Two decades embraced, Enchanting all, With just a smile. Sun and moon witness, His unspoken words,…

Timeless Love in an Ever-Changing World

In the wake of the COVID-19, most of us sought solace and entertainment through streaming services, delving into captivating series. But, to keep myself away from the clutches of prolonged screen time, I am drawn towards limited series & Anthologies.  Recently, I came across “Modern Love: Chennai” on Amazon Prime, which piqued my interest. It…

And the moral of the story is….

Life is often seen as a competition, but it’s not a race against others. The true journey lies in competing with yourself and unravelling your unrealised potential. 

One day on the Beach Side

Trankebar, a place named by the Danes and later, anglicised by the English as Tranquebar. And the locals call it Tarangambadi, which means ‘land of singing waves’. A fitting name as the constant sound of the waves serves as background music throughout the village’s streets.

Know Thy Enemies

In the ocean of highs and lows, Adversities and enmities pull me drown. As I  struggle to fightback…. To catch that one breath Someone whispers right in my ears.   “Let go” “Let go” Know your enemy Know your battle Don’t make it worse, than it is already Don’t fight, let it go, let is…

Leave Me Alone.. Can You ?

I want my time…… Day blooms with ‘Call’ time, And fades with family time, Weekends tagged with friends, Flutter and flurry Where is my time??  I want my time…. Yonks ago, even in a small space,  With throngs of people around, In the Midst of chaos I had my time. Latched inside meant just me…

A Leaf from my Personal Journal

It is not a secret to hide this anymore. Writing has always been cathartic and gifted me with a safe release valve for many stresses in my life. It is just not venting out my emotions but helps me keep a record of my memories in words.  My consistent revisit helps me relieve and reassess…

Age of Extremities : Black or White

Living in a highly polarised Society, we either succumb in the extreme of excess else descend into deficiency. Our present day world bombards us with temptations, causing us to over-consume or stay in our cocoons out of fear and anxiety, finding a balance is not an easy goal.

Autism Awareness Day!

I am a Proud mother of a child with Autism! Read my interview below and share your views. Autism is not a disability, it is a different ability , celebrate their differences – Do not Judge what you don’t understand! Lets build an inclusive compassionate world !Share it with at least one person and bring…

A Stroll Down the Cricket Pitch…..

Thank God I didn’t give the same treatment to this forward message as I usually do. But instead watched the whole episode of Madrasapattinam in Cricketer Ashwin’s YouTube channel. Ashwin is extremely natural with his Chennai Tamil and he opened up like gushing water with absolutely no stoppage. His passion for Cricket is evident, and…

The Yoga of Balancing Stones

It is been exactly a year since I travelled, never have I imagined that 2020 will veto me from my business trips. I really miss my last minute packing, vegetarian anxiety, cribbing about airport traffic, relaxing at premium lounges, getting lost alone with my phone and most of all that loving hug from my kid…

Coffee with an Author

No matter how haunting and unprecedented it was – we all made it to 2021, with renewed hope and courage to resurrect our dreams and tenacity to act on them. Though the impact of virus shows no signs of waning, vaccination drive gives a ray of hope and reassures the fact that we may have…


Will you keep writing even if you have no readers? This question was thrown at me recently and I just gave a smile back. And another friend asked me – “why don’t you do Vlogs? People have no patience to read, and all your efforts might not get fully appreciated??” It is true when a…

Lost in a Story : My Tearjerkers

Whether at home or in a theater, I just can’t seem to hold back the waterworks when watching powerful, poignant or emotive films

Unreliable Sources Yet Fascinating Information

History is one of my fascinations, there are many interesting stories and movies of the past which still is amazing to read and watch. But I also believe that the production of history is embedded with a bias. This blog is to explore some of the facts about History and its uncertainties.

Love Thy Heroes !!

Heroes embody collective ideals and values and they personify popular aspirations for a good society and for leading exemplary lives. Heroes and role models stand out as anchors of motivation. SO WHO IS A HERO ?

Surprised at my own Metamorphosis

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – First known ancient literature about Yoga compiled by Maharishi Patanjali, 2000 years ago. It is considered to be the gospel of yoga and provides timeless wisdom in short verses.