Let them Rest in Peace

Penning down after many days ! Not because I didnt have anything to write but just nothing really moved me so much than today’s incident (or rather it’s aftermath). The demise of the political leader Mr.Karunanidhi , at the age of 94.

Death becomes more understandable and acceptable when it occurs at the age of 94. After he living a wholesome life and settling his entire family , its easier to approach his death more practically. But, the point really is not his death itself, but how people reacted to it.

Let me just clarify I dont have affinity towards any political party (DMK or ADMK -opposing parties of Tamil Nadu) and I am not really good enough to justify who is good or bad as my political knowledge is very limited. Prefer to stay ignorant in this subject!

But what really made me think was all messages and comments circulating after his death. Made me wonder where are we living ?? – Aren’t we on earth among people with hearts??

There was one side of the media showing fake crying and commotion and the other sending memes and articles about all bad deeds of a person who just died. Some people rejoice for his death and some cry. Others were just wasting time debating his death and the list is not ending!

I always think no human is born good or bad – situations and people around make them so! And all who talk about anyone for that matter especially after his or her death – dont think about their own actions and its consequences.

Recent death of Cine Actor Sridevi was a news and media started scrutinising her personal life ! As if the family did not have much to worry about ! Why are we so worried about whats happening in others life, especially celebrities, not realising that they are also humans just like us and they do have a family.

Earlier days, News was just in news papers and then TV anchors beautifully speaking about it with short clippings once in a day ! Then started the 24 hours channel news making everything as a news – even a trivial thing became flash news and then now social media , Facebook ,Twitter and wats app – you and I can create news and publish it – bias the people with whatever thoughts we have. And this goes overboard when a celebrity dies …….

I am not saying go and sing a Eulogy for every celebrities death- but atleast after a persons death even before he/she goes into the earth there are all kind of rumours about personal life, public life and scrutinise the family – which actually doesn’t make anyone feel sorry for someone s loss but analyses all means to know the death, goes on until there is next topic to heat up the conversation !

Haven’t our forefathers taught us to give respect to dead people, whoever it is. In Indian culture even a death of a dog, snake, cow and you name it , has a protocol to follow that requires us to respect the death of that creature.

But, that we are in the era of AI/ML we think we know everything , and don’t respect anyone anything – I have written blogs on how AI can change the way we perceive this world and always pointed out that no machines can replace the sympathy and empathy a human heart can feel for others ! Thats what will keep us march inspite of all machines either augment/ overtake our lives.

But , Everyday technology is focussed on how to make machines learn ,how a human brain think !!!. I guess machines with highly developed algorithms might start doing that better, but we humans with flesh and blood are turning into stones and rocks!

My friends make fun of me when I watch a movie as I cry for anyone s death – be it Osama , Hitler, Gandhi, smuggler veerappan, Abdul kalam- to me when I see a corpse all that comes into my mind is death of “x” person and his family! Everything else to be debated later when things settle down!

We should put hard Stop on writing and forwarding stupid messages after a celebrity’s death and also drag their family into ( especially when a celebrity dies in a Suspicious way the first target is the spouse – leave that chore to be done by professionals, not a social media user), lament a minute and mind your own business ! Those who debate on a person’s death – stand before the mirror and see yourself and may be try to follow this.

I love this particular lyrics from MJ song-

“ Talking to the man in the mirror – asking him to change his ways”

Life not only is to live and let others live , but also let others die peacefully !

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  1. Vimla says:

    Good write up
    It is very true in case of celebrities these days. People talk about their lives after their death as if those celebrities were very close to them.

  2. palniarch says:

    Good thought and well written. 👏🏻👍🏻

    Question; Why focus for “Rest in peace”? When the important thing for living is “Rest on peace”?

    1. velzblog says:

      Thats very true !! What I meant is let the person die in peace and the family live in peace

  3. Vijibalaji says:

    Good one Lavanya, loosing sympathy and empathy of humans making us to worry!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yes.I too don’t like memes about a person’s death.

  5. Name says:

    Nice one

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