Time vs Money

My friends and well wishers started asking – “What happened to you , why no blogs for a long time now ?” And especially after the switch from a highly demanding job , expectation were like I would become a everyday blogger !

But on the contrary, post my job change , I had a good break but didn’t write anything. Now that I am relatively stress free,as I am getting trained in a new organisation , and no customer facing and target KPI s yet, But I still couldn’t find anything to write about!!

Wondering why, I started asking this question to myself –

“What is the reason I can’t find anything interesting to write ?”

Is it just that my life went very mundane now and nothing to pour out 😱Or I just lost the interest in watching people, or getting carried away by beautiful places. Or no thought provoking ideas at all ??

Oops , that is very dangerous,I can’t lead a normal boring life without any of these impacting me ! It will be a real nightmare if I don’t enjoy petty things around me!

All these days, I had been blogging and sharing my thoughts to my close friends and nothing really stopped me then. Now that I published the URL to everyone , I guess I am just cautious about how people will judge me!! Ah ! Am I too paranoid about what comments I might get from people outside my circle of friends?

I also have to be honest and accept the fact that I touched the most sensitive topic of God, Hinduism, patriotism Etc..and my exploration had to be pretty deep before I conclude anything on Astrology and modern day science. Now another reason for this short delay could be – my previous blogs were on random thoughts which Popped up ,now these heavy subjects needs dozens of research as well!

The third reason for sure is I got a book gifted by someone “ How to blog so people read it ? “ The moment I started reading and noticed that I am nothing close to what the book says , I am all the more confused now!!

Well , I should just stop listing and analysing the reasons. I still consider myself a rudimentary writer. Other things should not matter as long as I enjoy what I do. I should just let it go and let you all know about whatever thought popped up that day !

OK today, it’s like this…

I am sure “ Parents” comes with an inbuilt set of Protocols. If you pick any one from any part of the world and compare with your folks you will find tonnes of similarities ! For good reasons all parents , including me, happened to have set of ideas and always think that is right ! Thats a whole different topic to discuss.

But what really displeases me is however old you are, you are still being treated like a small kid:). Does it ring a bell ?

My dad is a man of principles. Punctuality and discipline runs in his blood. I have huge respect for him and proud that all good side of me is something I have picked/ learnt from him.

On the other side , he sometimes treats me like a real toddler. One classic example, a toddler needs instructions to be repeated multiple times and sometimes when they are playful numerous times indeed – guess what ! I get the same treatment !! Seems like ironically “Parents don’t grow.” Or rather they don’t allow us to grow!

Ah ! Sometimes I think being so iterative makes me forget what I am supposed to do. I get annoyed by the repetition and intentional forgetfulness to complete the job assigned !! Unfortunately,Not realising I have given a chance to my dad that the number of reminders were not enough and he should double it the next time 😭!!

And well its not just my dad. When I discuss this with friends we end up saying “ oh man – “ tell me about it“ which definitely proves parents are a brand and come with a set of protocols predefined. They get upgraded at every generation based on historical errors but never on par with current generation kids !

My dad talks about his dad praises him for all that he has done for him and also makes sure whatever mistakes he thinks his dad made on him , he never repeated those on us. And I do the same to my kid , expect that I repeat “ I do want to see the lunch box empty today 😉“ —-am sure so will be next generation !!

So all parents try to avoid their parents mistakes on them but end up doing some other set of the so called “parental nurturing”!!

But why such discrepancy? Is this called as the classic “Generation gap “? Or whatever we call it – I am no psychiatrist to analyse this. But I just thought one small reason for ending up with trivial arguments with my parents !!

They value money more whereas in comparison we value Time.

In their generation earning money was tough-purely due to the fact that opportunities were limited. Their responsibilities were high and savings were important. They pretty much sacrificed their whole life for the well being of their offsprings ! So they value money, know how to lead an economical life and still be happy 😃 Now as they have good amount of savings, they tend to travel around and lead a luxury life. This is the story about most of the Indian parents who are now new granddads!!

But this generation working class with an IT tag, squeezes their brain to juice out huge sum of salaries, living in a materialistic world ( thanks to the monthly EMI s ) – Since money is of no concern “ time became a concern “.

None can deny, This lead to new revenue generating industry namely “outsourcing as much as possible including everyday chores “ and it has become common and turn online for any help.

For all that we say multi tasking – what we do is shopping, paying rents, preparing for a meet, being part of a Video Conference in parallel all using modern gadgets. If I have to stop my car at more than two stores, I will always have this reason “it’s cheap online”, and will probably buy it there . In one shot – we want everything to be done at one place and save time.

Thats the reason for rise of e-commerce, hyper markets Mall concepts etc ! Don’t you all agree ?

So this is a mere “ time vs money” issue!! Money can be earned. Though it depletes eventually, it can be replenished- but time never stops for anyone , we have to catch up with that – and once it’s gone it is gone !

I bet you can never pick one for sure so easily. It needs deep understanding within you to realise which is important! People who speak about passive earning and money earned per hour , and what nots ——-please thats not for everyone !

Once in a while you see a bagpackker in a bike saying – I am on road for 7 months, learnt this and that. It awesome and good to hear but not everyone can become wanderer or sit at home and earn. It works for few. Again, “changing mindset” definitely yes , again needs lots of time to inculcate.

Say for example to lead a happy life you need money , to earn more money you need time , to use your money and enjoy you again need time !

Time and Money definitely go hand in hand – but after many years of realisations at one point you might conclude – I don’t need so much money to be happy. I just have to make myself happy at simple things. But when you realise this – you would have lost all your youth running behind money and work!

And also happiness in simple things is because you have experienced happiness in bigger things as well !

Lets be practical ,My point is this – we spoke about two generations who value what , and we are responsible for the next generation. Lets give them the opportunity to think and value how important is time as well as money!

This starts from very simple thing like wake up each morning on their own and understand that once the time goes we can’t earn it back. And money doesn’t just grow in trees, you need to shed your energy and spend time to earn a penny ! Above all, money cannot bring all the happiness.

For me both are important and we need to find the right personal balance. I bet most you will agree with me and pass this simple message!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Totally agree..!! Very well said mam..

  2. Saraladevi says:

    I read your blog TimeVs Money.I also agree with your point both are important.

    1. velzblog says:

      Thank Amma

  3. Padmapiriya says:

    “So all parents try to avoid their parents mistakes on them but end up doing some other set of the so called “parental nurturing”!!” Very realistic 😀

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