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So I was talking to my friend and she suggested on writing smaller blogs with lighter ideas ! Well after all those inspirational quotes and memes/ status messages/ digital media whatever youname it,  has reduced drastically reduced our attention span for reading .  I come across many micro blogging sites, one minute blogging, motivational one liners, some blogging sites which mentions the reading time (huh) etc etc ! and Most of us have lost our patience to read descriptions. Obviously we are living in a fast paced world where instantaneous , zero touch and one click away are the mantras.

Even if Krishna and Arjuna were born in this era, Geeta (advice given by Krishna to Arjuna before the epic war) would have been just a two pager word doc!

But the epic , Ramayana and Mahabharata are still been debated as true historic events or just a moral story ! That is the power of writing descriptions and giving attention to granular details . I have not read the great Epics but I take pride in saying that I have read an equally deep Tamil epic written by Kalki called “ Ponniyin Selvan”. Many novelists consider this as a benchmark, it is a historical story based on real characters and few true incidents. Till date the passionate readers go and search to find out which characters are fictional and which are real. The book details very beautifully places like Trichi, Tanjavur, Kumbakonam and Colombo – even a person who has not visited these places can visualize and relate to the story. Till date even best Indian movie directors could not bring this story to silver screen as a movie or series.  Movie stalwarts fear they will fail to match the writers descriptions. That is the power of the his writing. The writer has taken his homework quiet seriously and researched in all aspects. He has spun the story in such a way , that you will never put down the series of 5 books until you complete it !

Again that was necessary then ! Why ? Many readers would not know what place the author is speaking about , and so he has to explicitly describe so the reader can visualize the places!

Now this is not always necessary for some readers. For example, when someone writes about a particular incident happened in Timesquare, a writer doesn’t have to really describe how time square looks like in the evening. We know how it looks , else will watch a video and can imagine what is happening there ! The story writing skills cant be the same, you might loose the reader with too many descriptions! But that is to one sect of people. The other set of people are never Satisfied with short stories , for them it takes time to get to know authors mood , characterization, then they will divulge into the story and live with those characters! That is how I enjoyed Cancon Doyle, JK Rowling or Stephen King’s work! And one more tribe of people who likes to choose the book by cover. In fact recently one of my well wisher shared an incident about how her expensive gift was not appreciated  since it was not wrapped in shiny papers ! True, some people need that flashy book cover at least to adorn in their library ! And there are another set of people, the most dangerous- who just don’t want to even read a message in wats app but would love to forward it !

That is about different types of readers. But for a blogger like me, when I start its a pour out session, there are millions of questions unanswered lingering in my mind and finding a forum to express it. My blogs are not to sell my ideas but to sow them somewhere and see if people like to resonate with that or disagree ! As simple as that 🙂

The idea of classification is to say that you cant universally say something is critically acclaimed and the other is not as it depends on the mind set of the reader. Well , there is no one specification manual to write blogs, as the readers do not have the same mind set to accept it !!

“Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder “, holds good for reading as well!

Well my friend, I have stuck to 4 or so paragraphs as we discussed ! Now let me know if you had the patience to read it 🙂 Have a great day !

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    Good advice from your friend 👍🏻

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