Steady Gaze – Endearing or Malicious ??

Well, keep this as a secret for now, I don’t want to share this with everyone, you know – some people and their bad eyes”

“I prefer to tell it after it happens, I don’t want any bad luck tailing behind.”

“I knew this will not happen, I can still remember that stare at me when I revealed my plan, See it didn’t work now”

“My kid is good at Music, Touch wood”

How many of you have heard this? I am sure infinite times from different people.

Basically it points to some people’s malevolent stare which could be a bad omen. Even evil thoughts of someone who are miles away could have similar effect!

Is it True?

Is it an Urban Legend? Or does a ‘Curse look’ really do exist? If so, do we have devils living among us (Quite Possible)? Or do we mean some humans have evil/ devil’s goggle? How can someone intentionally harm another person just by a cursed gaze? We can keep asking so many questions about this, but it is a wide accepted belief in many cultures across the globe.

Well, I can’t blindly believe because it is passed on to many generations or I can’t deny outright pointing it as absurd & illogical as no scientific theory to prove this!

Since this superstition dates back to almost 3000 years, and throughout countless stages of history, humans have believed it and always seem to have come up with means to mitigate/defy it. So a “yes or no or neutral” should be based on at-least facts which google can get us!!! So now let’s grab a coffee and connect the dots!

What is a stink/curse eye?

A Malicious look, intentionally or unintentionally, given to inflict harm, or put a jinx on a person or an item, causing ill luck. Some think it to be a super natural force that when cast brings misfortune or injury to particularly innocent people. Also all prominent religions including Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism & Hinduism have this perception.

Despite different story in each religion & culture, the deep meaning remains the same everywhere.

“Eyes are the Windows to one’s soul”. But this goes beyond to say that eyes can be a gateway for bad energy/vibes to pass on to another person or an item.


The symbol of evil eye is one of the oldest symbolic images of the world.

How to defy these evil forces?

“Apotropaic“– meaning to turn away or turn back the harm to the sorcerer.

Well, forget about the attempts to ward off the curse by evil forces using amulets and Talismans, it is currently one of the trendiest piece of Jewelry – Evil Eye Bracelet, Karma Bangles, Hamsa pendants, Rings, Ruby eye Pendant and so on.

Evil Eye 3brace

Well, there are plethora of superstitions & mitigating mechanisms to subside the effects of evil forces. Some popular beliefs,

1.      People with Blue/green eyes are believed to bestow curse, again consciously or unconsciously (Also, a reason for amulets being in the form of blue eyes)

2.      A typical ‘Nazar’ is handmade glass featuring concentric circles with blue, white and black – A Turkish belief and can be seen in front of houses, vehicles as small beads (People who visit Turkey will know this very well. It is a must souvenir to take back. Turkish rugs with many ward off symbols, and the popular tree with Nazar in Cappadocia)

Evil Eys2 Evil eyes 5Handmade evil eye beads made of ceramics hanged on the wall for sale

Nazar is a word coined in Turkey, But it is used many parts of Asia including India.

3.      Hamsa,Hand with a blue eye – A Popular weapon against evil forces in Egyptian Culture & many part of Asia 

symbol4Symbol6Evil eye 6

4.      The healer sometimes has unique secret prayers to help the victim, which is not revealed as it will lose its power. The ritual usually end with a mock spitting in air for 3 times. The healer usually is the oldest member of the family. Does this ring a bell to South Indians- ‘Dhristi’ ritual? Well this is a practice followed in Greece with the healer performing this ritual along with showing signs of cross three times in Air.  Judaism has a similar practice.

5.      Masha Allah – Many Muslims use this to say “God had willed it” as a protection slogan against evil thoughts.

6.      Have you noticed Truck owners or any vehicle owners Per Se use a black or red cloth and tie it in bumpers or dashboards?? Not just in Asia, this is a practice in some African cultures too.

7.      Well, Italy has an altogether different issue with evil eyes, here the evil force can make a male impotent. So their amulets are Cornicello, a twisted horn, meant to distract spell casters.

8.      Sometimes over complimenting (so just a not a glare) is taken as a taboo in some cultures, especially Babies and Children are susceptible to such harm. Even the so called advanced cultures believe in touch wood, crossing fingers and many other as a mode of protection against misfortune.

9.      Indian Babies are adorned with Kajal, a type of black Eye liner and a black Bindi, dot on their face. Also umbilical cord is dried and made as an amulet for babies. Lemon & chilies tied together is believed to mitigate the effects of evil.

eVIL EYE 5Salt

10.  Many cultures have weird looking faces hung in doors or in windows to ward off evil.


Spitting three times on the evil seems to be a common practice in many cultures. Be it an exorcism, or a ward off for evil forces. Also, most of the ‘apotropaic devices’ seems to be quiet similar. The mystical powers of Symbols and signs of witch crafts and the whole world of black magic are a totally different subject to doubt & debate.

What surprises me is  the numerous similarities across various cultures, with a vast array of charms, spells, and incantations for the purpose of warding off evil influences have been passed down from generation to generation.

“The fear of the evil eye persists as strongly today as in ancient times.

What I interpret ?

The feeling of jealousy, Envy, bad thoughts, wishing ill luck are all for real – Will that affect another person or is just goofy  is a million dollar question. And do Amulets and rituals have extraordinary power to repel it?

Every Living being is built on some kind of energy, for that matter, even every object around us has a certain energy which can influence us. With evil thoughts, Malevolent stare & negativity, bad vibes from people around or any object can definitely distort the normalcy.

But my question arises, when this evil force can be so easily flushed off by a small eye amulet or any talisman, or a secret prayer & a ritual. That is mere confidence builder.

Growing Up, the tradition of warding off the evil eye was so common especially on specific days at home. Again a ritual which was never questioned for its validity. We are in a most advanced world mankind has even seen, and still believing ‘curse look’ can cause ailments and believing in DIY ritualistic prayers is nothing more than a mere superstition.

But for years, I always check with my mom to make sure she can take the “Dhristi off” from me and my family – It gives a comfort in the face of uncertainty.

Many times when there is no simple logical answer, and when trail& tribulations outweigh the desire for rationality this seems to be assuring. At such situations, even Charms act as a tangible sign of resilience.

At its core, belief or at least the practice, or any types of talismans of the evil eye is a traditional means of “taking care”. Like a bowl of hot soup/Rasam when we are down with cold. We know it won’t cure us, but makes us feel better.

All we need is optimism, comfort, Confidence & consolation during difficult times – though there is no expectation of real solution from such practice.

If science says hypochondriac can be cured/ or given solace with a placebo, why not evil eye ritual do the same to the believers.

I repeat this “Ignorance is bliss”. Fortunate are those who have faith in God and rituals – At least that acts as a strong catalyst to heal any type of ailments / or if you want to call that as positive approach.  And no amount of explanation will remove scales from the eyes of the believers anywhere. 

Philosopher Bertrand Russell wrote:

“Man is a credulous animal and he must believe in something. In the absence of good grounds for belief, he will be satisfied with bad ones.”

For others who doesn’t want to be “blind believers”, numerous religious & ritual questions with vague answers linger– seeking for a plausible solution. Add this to that library! 

Have a Great Day ! “Good Luck”




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