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No matter how haunting and unprecedented it was – we all made it to 2021, with renewed hope and courage to resurrect our dreams and tenacity to act on them.

Though the impact of virus shows no signs of waning, vaccination drive gives a ray of hope and reassures the fact that we may have battered the worst of the storm together.

In the midst of this mindset, I happened to come across this book “Quarantine rejuvenate me: A journey from negativity to positivity “Written by Archana Vashista Sharma. An inspiring narration of a mother’s experience after she tested positive. The book is so moving, I decided to hear directly from her about this confident journey.

Here goes my short interview with the Archana, the author.

  • When did you realize you are a writer/creator?

Archana: I used to write reference books before marriage, few of them are being used by IGNU students. I translated a book of an international author from English to Hindi as college project. So reading and writing was always my passion but you know after marriage your priority changes.

That is right, I totally love this tagline “Journey from negativity to positivity” – Can you brief the trigger for writing this book?

Archana:  Imagine yourself locked up in a room all alone without kids, family, and friends. Your small little kids are crying outside the door, you can’t hug them, you can’t console them, you can’t help your family in taught time, you are physically collapsed, with so much mental pressure only negative thoughts comes to you mind……….. your past rolls around again in front of your eyes…… your own room becomes negative pressure room for you…….. So in that situation any person can become negative and go to depression…… I also went through with these entire situation, I also cried, I also asked why me? I also went in to depression….. But my family and friends showed me the right path to divert my mind. So I explored all the options…… I started writing down my feelings on the paper… more I wrote better I became…… so finding the inner peace in adverse situations is my journey from negativity to positivity.

  • Beautifully said. Covid 19 has changed everyone’s perception about life, what is the major change you see in yourself after you recovered from this deadly disease?

Archana: Family was always my first priority. I even neglected my health, my dreams, my desires, and my emotions just to fulfill my family’s demand. Though still family is my first priority but now it is added with some more. Giving time to yourself is not an advantage but it is necessary now. Along with family now I will think for myself, my health, my dreams, my desires as well because you live only for once and it’s not selfishness it is necessity now.

  • What is the biggest lesson you learnt while authoring this book?

Archana: Keeping your family on priority is good but neglecting yourself is not good. Mental health should be top most priority because if you are not relaxed, if you are not happy from inside how can you keep others happy. So keeping yourself healthy, fit and fine is keeping your family healthy, fit and fine.

  • That is true, I am sure Covid 19 gave us a chance to reevaluate our priorities. Do you like to read books? Who is your favorite author? Or an author who inspired you?

Archana:  Yes, my brother & sisters used to call me bookworm. I love reading books specially books on modern thinking Swami Vivekanada is a brilliant personality, I really admire his thinking skills. He exemplified his teachings through his own life. He choose the path of spiritual consciousness. His teachings for youth is so relevant in today’s era as well, he actually demonstrate scientific methods to achieve goals in life. Wings of fire by Dr. Abdul Kalam is also a brilliant book. Actually I am a realistic person so rather than fictions I love nonfictions. I love reading biography, memoir of famous personality, through which I can feel connected and learn something new.

  • Have you read about all reviews about the book? While good reviews give you satisfaction, how did you dealt with bad comments if any?

Archana:   Yes I do read all the reviews on all the platforms because on one hand good reviews boost your confidence on other hand bad reviews give you a chance of improvement. Because I truly believe in the saying that no one is perfect in the world and learning is a lifelong process.

  • What do the words “writer’s block “mean to you?

Archana: Of course, every writer hits the dead-end. But my idea to the block is simple, I just divert and start doing something else- watching video, reading books, blogs, playing with kids, power nap or free writing are my shifter from this kind of situation.

  • You must be excited about your first book… How did your family support to publish this book?

Archana: Whatever I achieved today is just because of my family. They supported and show me the new perceptive of being alone, I saw only a dream of holding my book in my hand but my eldest sister and brother made that dream alive.

  • Where do you see yourself in the literary world? Do you intend to write another book? Have you decided on the title?

Archana: There is a saying that “First step towards your goal is the toughest one”. Now, Stars are not so far. I am working on other projects too, soon you’ll get the news.

  •  Happy to hear that. Are you ready to share tips for aspiring writers?

      Archana: Writing daily is the one tip I would like to share, the more you write the better you become. So write your feelings daily.

Thanks to Archana for sharing her journey with us. The book is available in Amazon & Kindle version too.

I generally prefer simple honest writing, coffee talks is all about simplicity, I want my readers to feel what I feel, see what I see. Likewise, this book tries to convey one message very subtly –Don’t let the small spark of negativity grow and immerse you. This book can certainly adorn your coffee table with lot of positive vibes.

The insidiousness of lethal virus left most of us with unanswered questions – though many has lost their loved ones and jobs – we are all striving hard to find that inner peace and looking forward to new beginnings and a better tomorrow. Hold on to that optimism and a beautiful bright day is waiting for us. 

Cheers for a glorious 2021! Stay Safe everyone.

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  1. Saraladevi says:

    The blog explain about the deadly virus corona.many of us lost their loved ones and jobs.the small spark of negativity grow and it immerse your life so always grow your positive vibes.that helps your optimism and your bright future.

  2. ashok says:

    2021 has begun well for me too with the publishing of my first book 😊

    1. Congratulations on your new book ‘ pls share details would be happy to read it !

      1. ashok says:

        Thank you so much Lavanya
        Would love to hear your feedback 😊🤗

      2. Thank you !

      3. ashok says:

        My pleasure 😊

  3. Sreenadh says:

    Interesting article madam

    1. Thank you Sreenath ! Keep reading 👍

  4. Joanne A says:

    This is such a beautiful post. A real eye-opener. A lot of people lost their loved ones to the virus. The negativity is real. Thank you for posting.

    1. Thank You Joanne ! It is true , lot of people lost their loved ones, the struggle is real but we need hope and positivity to reach the other side of the tunnel! Stay safe !

      1. Joanne A says:

        Thank you!

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