Himalayan Adventure Season 2 :50 Shades of Green

Someone mentioned to me that creativity might gradually diminish with the prevalence of ChatGPT and similar AI tools. To be honest, it was quite disheartening to hear this perspective. I  know that AI is a threat to my  job security, but should I be worried about my retirement plans too ? I always dreamt writing/blogging…

Surprised at my own Metamorphosis

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – First known ancient literature about Yoga compiled by Maharishi Patanjali, 2000 years ago. It is considered to be the gospel of yoga and provides timeless wisdom in short verses.

Getting a ‘Kick’ out of ……….

No Friday evening goes without a debate at home, “What movie should we watch— search, selection & rejection goes for almost an hour and sometimes we both don’t agree on anything and skip movie night. I blame it on Netflix, Amazon prime databases….it was easier for my parents to just watch one Sunday Movie in DD….

Are we Born to Run??

Two consecutive books on running and runners life ! I am all geared up to get back to my running with more finer techniques and posture correction. “Born to run” by Christopher Mcconagull, an eye opener to know about the not very popular mexican Indian tribe called tarahumara/ Raramuri , leading a simple running life…

My choice – being a tortoise always

Lazy December- year end closure and its like even the Sun, moon and earth wants to take a short break before they start a new year. Life has become very fast, most of us are on wheels running behind kids , work and household chores and so on.. even a vacation has become too much…