My choice – being a tortoise always

Lazy December- year end closure and its like even the Sun, moon and earth wants to take a short break before they start a new year.

Life has become very fast, most of us are on wheels running behind kids , work and household chores and so on.. even a vacation has become too much of planning, rush and expensive, a simple three day vacation needs several weeks of planning! !  Holiday season- everyone longs for it just to take a time off from routine and rejuvenate for next even more demanding year !!

Wont it be nice to have everyday short break for ourselves – I call it the “me time” so that the rest of the day is more productive! An energy builder for everyday race!

My “me time ” is when I workout really hard and run like I stole something but then feel extremely relaxed! Yes , you read it right , physically strained and mentally super relaxed ! There was a time when i could not even run half a km and just lift one kg dumbell and complained body soreness! But now I do run regularly and barbells, dumbells and deadlifts are thrilling and exciting !

I am an early bird and Started running my own way, and  increasing the speed slowly and staedily to reach a decent pace now ! When I run with mild music , even on a cold winter morning , That lonely time liberates me from the clutches of all the tensions which had been accumulated from the past day , and prepares me for the next event ful day! My first 10k marathon which happened a couple of years ago , was a midnight marathon! I will never forget that day, the crowd , the cheer , the thought that i am doing something for myself , and happened to finish in the top 100 female, what an awesome night it was , just cant be explained in words ! Its a feeling which everyone should experience! Now i have done few 10k marathons improving my pace every time ,But trust me everytime I tell to myself when running ona steep road when you have no option to turn back but just push yourself –  thats it , I am done , never ever again , enough is enough , no more marathons- but the very next day I start searching for another one  to register! Some of my friends do full , ultra marathon s and triathlon s etc, but to me this short and steady running at my own time gives me strength and endurance to face all hurdles that crosses me, with a crystal clear mind !

Running or workout is something which is not just for physical fitness but its much beyond that ! ” No pain no gain ” – physical soreness is the pain here which subsides in a day or two but the gain here is not just a fit body but a relaxed peaceful mind which lasts for ever !

Well , if it makes me feel good to run and workout , I can strongly advocate running for everyone ,  atleast to try once and experience the joy ! I am hoping next year would be the year of many more marathons ,new experiences and to build endurance both physically and mentally- Happy running!!

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  1. palniarch says:

    Sounds very positive. Thinking if I also should start running?!!

    1. Anonymous says:

      Thats the idea !!

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