Who is God? 


Well, brought up by an orthodox Tamil Hindu family I was told constantly, that God will punish you if you do something wrong, a typical saying – “சாமி கண்ண குத்திரும்”, yes as a kid I used to wonder how will God blind the eyes, using a stick? Will it be in the night? Whilst asleep? Will I be permanently blind after that? And back in school, a strict Catholic missionary, it was slightly different, sitting in a moral science class, we were taught – God is love, he loves you no matter whatever mistakes you commit!

As a kid logical questions would bombard me. I always wanted to know, do these Gods know each other? Will they consult before taking a decision, where is He (or She)? How does He remember every one’s name, how does He manage to know all the mistakes and good deeds of each person, may be now my technically accustomed brain would have told probably that this was through a very big data analytics model!

After a bit of growing up, I realized that, all these were told to bring in some values during childhood! Only these days you can’t expect the kid to believe that, for the same reason information overload! But still as an adult I can’t really find the meaning of God! If these Gods were created to inculcate value in human are we all good people following the laws defined ??

If there is a God why is he letting human go through lot of suffering, Hindu religion says – Karma. For every deed in life there is a court where I have to answer God! Technically every action has an equal and opposite reaction 🙂 let’s forget different names given to Gods – Vishnu, Shiva, Brahma, Jesus, Allah, Buddha etc.!

To me God is our inner soul, if you are true to yourself, you are a faithful devotee, Temple/Mosque/ Church/Gurudwara – definitely gives peace when these places are not bombarded with people who makes a holy place nothing but a trading centre – a negotiation you give this and I will return you with this ?? when pandits stop asking for money to take you close to God, when your eyes don’t roll around to see what other people are doing, dressed or other worldly things! Until all this happens any holy place is just another type of commercial mall.

For some its idol worship, for some its non idol, for some its the faith in them – does it matter ? Absolutely no! Call it an atheist, agnostic and extremely spiritual, they all have to fear for their inner thoughts! If you dont have such things , we really need to debug and find the manufacturing defect!

All of us have a very short time in this earth and let’s be true to our hearts than putting a fake mask of spiritualism and do not know what good deed means !

Our noble thoughts and actions are God! – my 2 cents for the day !!

Do you agree?