I am special!! 

What does it mean when someone says you are special?

For me, all it means , I am a special mom!  Thanks to my lovely autistic kid, if not for him I would just be another ‘regular’ mom!

pexels-photo-733880Not a single day goes by without learning something new. Today “Whatever I am ” is because of him , it is not an exaggeration. Education made me literate, my parents taught me to be cultured and respectful, career made me smarter, my friends taught me what a support group can do, but my son made me complete. He showed me there is another path in life – untouched and not many dare to come , but its so pleasant and peaceful out there. People here are not judged by money and fame , but they know how to be happy in their own world!

I am not going to write about how he was diagnosed, and what his everyday routine is, every special parent knows what we go through raising a kid with special needs! To others it is not easy to understand.

But my thoughts for the day – “how would the world be with just special kids”- so called differently abled! There you go, the thought clearly means the world is going to be special!

Do you think there will be a need for an armed forces and boundary definition! No, when people start doing their own business without poking into others life there is not going to be any differences as rich, poor, black, white, north and south! Trust me, world will be quieter, I am not talking about going back to stone age, but change of mind set, for years we have been taught to study and earn and then lead a happy life .. does this always have to be in this order. Can we not be happy and learn things through experience and earn just for living.

No one is going to be worried if you have 2 or 3 cars / what you do for living? What next! Nothing!

Everyone will live in that moment and I bet thats what happiness means!

The unconditional love will be spread everywhere, do you think these lovely souls even know what greediness is? No sarcasm, no jealously, no unwanted jibber jabber , no manipulation, no norms to live in a society, just mind your own business and above all doesn’t bother what other people think or does!

They can only speak their mind in different ways, may be!

What about some of the special people s aggressive behavior, is that your question? I bet most of it is caused only because they knew they are treated differently and many times they don’t understand why!

Who charted out these social decorum?? What if you can’t use words to communicate, nor what if they can’t have eye contact, they still communicate their needs and affection in their own special way!

My point here is ” I wish no more special kids are born” but every kid can be let to be on their own special way , do not force them to follow your so called rules and make them as machines. Let them think freely, be creative and they will  lead us to live a simple contended life!

Life is very beautiful and these pristine special hearts know that very well and lead a happy life no matter whatever comes on their way!

Lets create a world without violence, no differences by color, creed, language, religion absolutely nothing but love and affection!

Won’t you call this ideal world as special! That’s everyone s Utopia come true !

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  1. Sadasivam says:

    What an analysis. Touching and logical. Great thinking.

  2. Ishwarya Balamurugesan says:

    Awesome message to the society!

  3. Raja Ray says:

    Everyone will live for the minute and I bet that’s the happiest moment of all times!……… I live this way…..I am proud that I rub shoulders with u since last 8 years……impeccable and upright…..Proud to be associated with u…….Hope society becomes half of what u penned…..

  4. Faserz says:

    Just one word………..Amazing…

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