Life is Mechanical ?

Mechanical!!!– We use this term very loosely in our daily lives. I wonder who coined this word? What does that even literally mean?

Agreed- wake up, workout, cook , off to work, get back home, continue work, fix dinner, eat and sleep and the cycle repeats – is this what is called Mechanical – boredom and mechanical are the same?

If my life is mechanical what about the rest of the world? A person struggling to meet his odds, he will wake up, doesn’t plan a day – will walk around will try to find a menial job to meet the day’s expense, a typical one in India will be a mason work, domestic help, clean glasses in a tea shop etc, physically strained and will earn few pennies for his tea and bread!! and save some for his night booze, will lie happily on the road and sleep , and his cycle repeats – is this not mechanical?

How about the typical middle class guy, who works hard everyday earns peanuts and comes back home thinking how to manage the whole month! Is his life not mechanical?

Is this not the same for a rich person with vast wealth? Wouldn’t his day be the same, if he takes care of business? Or if all his needs are met will go one step ahead and party whole day and probably repeat his day in different pubs!

These are my views about different set of people, may be right or may be wrong, but the point is everybody s life has to repeat few mundane activities, so called “being mechanical”. Even a 6 year old complains life is boring!!!!

Yes, Is it because we all lost touch with this word “exploration” – the simple reason being we are in data and information abundance era! We have more information than what we need available in a single click , we have good education, money , fancy cars and house , but sad part is all of us complain life is boring and monotonous- Yes the cycle repeats – but what comes as pleasure is the breaks we take in between the whole day , chit chats , tea times, simple fun at work, the stress and workload , kids bringing in their stories , occasional travel , talking to different types of people — did you hear that talking out loud , be it friends, spouse, kid, colleagues, an acquaintance whatever is not the same as before , these days people tend to know whats happening in someone s life whom they just know in social media and forget to think about the person next to them!!- if you all remember the movie ” The Ground Hog Day” the day repeats itself, same clothes, same discussions, same people – that is a real curse for any human !

My life is not mechanical, it’s a wrongly coined term, I just need to appreciate what comes in my way! I believe whatever happens on the go has something to teach me later! I want to slowly loosen me from the clutches of the digital world and embrace the life and go with the flow, smile at simple things and take the day as it comes!

Have a great day!

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