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My day starts with a nice cup of coffee with my bestie and lots of chit chat! “kaappi” (coffee) is an integral part of Tamil culture, it’s in fact a welcome drink to anyone who stops by home! Be it a friend, acquaintance, relatives or anyone! But when I think a few years back, surprisingly coffee was never my favorite. In fact I didn’t bother to even try. Rather preferred plain water wherever I went! Once I started to career in a typical IT company, coffee was a reason to take quick short break! And later Green Tea, for all the health reasons!

After I got this lovely friend, who definitely is not the best coffee maker, I became a regular coffee drinker. Funny, my other friends will beg her not to make coffee when they visit her, so was her coffee making skills! 🙂 But then it’s always served with love! She is an epitome of affection and care!! That one cup of coffee sitting in her beautiful balcony , and talking about everything in the world – politics, parenting, fights, work, health, future dreams, families and what nots ! It all lasts for maximum 15 minutes but that’s my real boost for the day! When this ritual started she used to literally drag me to her house, now I don’t wait for the formality of she inviting me, I just walk in!

The whole idea of talking about this coffee time is to say how important it is for a Gal to spend some time with true and reliable friends! Letting out ourselves to someone who doesn’t judge you based on that gives so much relief! Working women has to go through so much these days, being on wheels always, prove yourself everywhere, as the world wants only the best ! Nothing less than that is considered!

When you are always busy running around you need to stop somewhere take a deep breath to continue again – and that place is my friends beautiful balcony early mornings!!! For me it is better than a resort, an expensive spa, or a retreat!! I never thanked her for coffee I guess, as it’s an everyday routine and taken for granted, if not for that simple 15 minutes of her coffee time with me, I would have not crossed many barriers in my life!

Well, it’s time for today’s coffee! Let me see who is going to be our target for the day – will keep you posted! Catch you all later!!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Friends beautiful balcony coffee ” romba nalla erukku”.everyone needs this kind of coffee.

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