Lesson from Cacti!! 

Well, a saying from my mom and my friend – don’t have cacti at home. It’s not good to have one! Logic Behind – life will be dry as that of a desert plant! If this is the real reason shouldn’t we be appreciating a cactus fighting to grow in a desert where there is no water and still manages to live green and thorny with whatever it gets??

This all started with the a weekend work on a terrarium, I love making terrariums and gifting to the loved ones, but now I am really not sure if it’s a right thing to do, what if people think cactus is a dry plant , desert is a dry area, it is thorny ! Oh well, roses blossom among thorns! And what about dates!? They grow in desert – but rich and healthy!

Like I said, to me the desert plants are the ones which show the way of life, survival of the fittest, “so what if I don’t get water, l will live with the sun light, and still bear flowers and fruits!” , seems to be their mode of living. Deserts – would have been a place where a lost person can’t find water and would have died of hunger and thirst in the past, but my recent visits to Dubai and Las Vegas didn’t give me that impression.

Hello….. can anyone tell me what do they lack there? Except for the scorching heat, these places are like heaven on earth (You may argue that Vegas is a sin city, I am just talking about the comfort of everyday life). Water Scarcity is something unheard of in these cities. Talk about water scarcity, now that I live in Bangalore where water tankers are ubiquitous. And this is the place where Cauvery hails from and flows through half of Tamil Nadu. Cauvery is the reason for all kind of luscious agriculture!

Tamil literature beautifully portrays the river, and the ancient dam Kallanai which was built 2000 years ago. But now the name of Cauvery only brings in dirty politics and terrifying stories of two neighboring states fighting with each other, destruction of public properties. Don’t these rioters realize when they burn some buses, it’s their own tax money which is getting burnt!! And that damage is going to raise the cost of everyday necessities, Phew!

Life is not easy for anyone in this world, from microbes to the so called advanced human beings! We have to fight for our living, so does every cactus on the desert. If the real reason behind not having cactus at home is only because it’s a desert plant, lets change that perception!! And appreciate the tiny plant for its effort to find a place and grow! If there is any other reason for avoiding cacti-the fighter plant, please do enlighten me on the same! Good day!

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  1. Dhineshkumar says:

    Good one

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      Thank you !!

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    Nicely said

  3. Suba says:

    Nicely said!

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    Positivity Booster…Good one

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