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I just finished a book – The Girl on the Train by British Novelist Paula Hawkins – supposed to be New York Times best seller. I am not a voracious reader, but once I start the book, I find it difficult to put it back until I finish. Well, I did enjoy the book. It portrays about three different types of women, their characterization and their everyday life twisted with a murder and the series of consequences! I am definitely not the right person to write a review about the book. But the question that crossed my mind was, why we always like to read not so good stuff. I mean any book/article that deals with murder, infidelity, or any type of controversy is interesting. Things which don’t happen to everyone on everyday basis! Every newspaper starts with some abnormal death, major bomb blasts, child abuse, missing teenager, suicide, communal riots-is this not focusing only on black spots on a white paper?

Any interesting movie or a bestselling novel has at least one of the above said happening. The media wants to increase their TRP rating by only showing horrific news. Our brains seem to be stimulated when it hears or sees these terrible happenings.  Can we not tune our brains to like good things? Is this not a clear sign that all our minds are slowly getting corrupted?

Sometimes it makes me think we have all become puppets to what our corporate media wants us to like! There is no reality show which doesn’t end the episode with a candidate shedding a tear or two. This sets a wrong example to young generations that failure is bad/worse! How can every participant be a winner!! I can’t really analyze the statistics or I don’t have a proof in hand, that all our minds are negative biased! But most of the movies, everyday news channels, TV shows, newspapers make me think so!

I can’t wait for this mystery of human brain to be resolved!

But I strongly believe, if only our thoughts change and we stop discussing unwanted controversies and forwarding such messages in social media group, focus on building fruitful discussions, we can definitely bring a utopia for our next generation!

Let’s all build together a healthy and robust world to lead a peaceful life!

PS: This maybe a clichéd topic to discuss, but definitely need of the hour. I share equal responsibility like you to leave a safe place for our offspring to lead a peaceful life.

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  1. Superb idea, keep writing!

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