Culture exchange !! 

It’s a beautiful day! It’s absolutely lovely to see people wearing ethnic clothes! Festive mood is permeating! Even though work is keeping us busy, these kind of small changes, brings joy and peace in our lives!

Diwali (or Deepavali) in India is always special! Thronging crowds shopping for the entire family, decked up houses with diyas and lights, gifting each other crackers– it is a sound and light treat for every Indian! Ahh, the  treat for one’s taste buds, no words to explain! This is the time when mom’s and her friends try out all innovations in their kitchen.

Diwali has different stories around India but the concept is same, killing of evil (thoughts) and bringing happiness and joy in everyone’s mind! Indians dress up in traditional clothes and meet their friends and relatives and exchange gifts and snacks! What a beautiful tradition? What a way to bring social connect amongst everybody’s busy work life!

It so happens Diwali mostly falls close to the Western Tradition of Halloween day. Halloween readition recently acquired by Indians especially the Urban ones! Halloween is a jolly good feel for kids. The good thing is kids can chuck out their fear for monsters and zombies when they dress up like one! It is fun definitely! Another effect of globalization, which I am ready to welcome provided the existing culture and tradition is not forgotten! But the overlap and the effect of it is something we should all take a note of carefully.
In big apartment complexes, celebrations are always fun! For the past two years our annual apartment Diwali carnival happened to be on the same weekend as Halloween! The sad part people seems to leaning more towards the so called “Halloween Tradition” with more and more people dressed in Halloween Costumes for diwali party! Right now I see this as a mix of cultures, but my thoughts are about few generations later, and I am are not sure which one will overtake? I am not a person who doesn’t want to welcome other traditions and culture, but I strongly believe it has be add on to our own festivals. Deepavali is an official holiday in Singapore, Malaysia, where many Tamils live! Little India (in Singapore) is decorated beautifully and people celebrate together though they lost their roots in home country! But in India I see decked up lights have pumpkins and kids wandering in ghostly dresses on the Diwali eve! 🙂 It’s easy for kids to pick trick or treat culture than knowing the story of Naragasura!
Think about it people! Let’s not make this tradition live in history and die in present life. Stop sitting in front of TV on a Diwali Day. Visit friends and relatives and celebrate it happily!

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