What do I call this Phase – Mid Age Awakening ?

Are you in your mid-life? You don’t have to reveal your age, but if you are in that phase, you will resonate well with me….

A typical day in the life of a working woman…

Yes, you all know me by now… I am a Presales person, and I do envision every persona’s typical day in life..

Here you go,

My day starts with hitting that alarm button, and then enjoying a bonus 10 minutes of snooze before I indulge myself in my new passion for yoga and meditation. The next-best thing is my short but slow, steady romance with my hot cuppa black coffee – my total energiser. As I sip my coffee, my fingers run through the calendar, and I plan the workday while, in parallel, my mind strategises the meal plan. After the planning stage is completed, I get totally engrossed in executing it in full throttle. Finally I glue myself to the office chair for the next 8 to 9 hours with headphones, calls and work. The intermittent breaks are to just check if the earth is still spinning, and back to the laptop screen. Despite feeling completely exhausted, my hunger reminds me that it’s time for dinner, and thankfully Zomato comes to the rescue by providing food for all of us.”

Nothing more, nothing less than this for five days of the week. Anticipating the weekend is a bliss… and TGIF. The whole week runs waiting for those two days, which vanish in the blink of an eye.

Again, when Monday morning rolls around, I’m not looking forward to waking up and going through the motions. But I do… I feel as though every moment of my day is scripted and repetitive.

Days seem to be too long, but the years roll super fast, and there are no guarantees.

While this thought is universal and I hear it more often around me,

“What keeps us all still going?” poses a big question.

Is it the small breaks we take every year to rejuvenate or finding time for ourself by running, fitness, backpacking, climbing mountains, dancing, partying, or many more?

While there are several options to choose from, my personal preference goes to the “people” in my life who accompany me on this journey.

The People Who Walk With Me

There are different types of them: friends, family, some who show up for a reason to give a helping hand, some who just stay for a season and fleet away, and others who are there for a lifetime. I am always willing to collaborate with individuals who share similar interests and values as me, and to broaden my social circle by embracing diversity in my daily interactions.

As social creatures, humans are inherently inclined to form connections and relationships with others. (Be proud of mankind; no GPTs can train and match this skill).

The experiences we share with one another, from the tiniest interactions to the strongest of bonds, are what make life worth living for most of us.

Over the years, my definition of friendship, relationship, and whatever connections I make with people have changed and evolved. There has been a time (even now), when I rewatch all sitcoms for the nth time (to the extent I know what each character would say) and envy the friendships they share.

But with maturity comes long-lasting connections. I am grateful for the handful of genuine people who carry a mirror and make me reflect on it. Some of these people don’t even need a simple greeting, but whenever we catch up, we start off from where we left. Over time, an increase in mutual respect and the degree of reciprocity builds up and strengthens any relationship. Trust is not instantaneous; it takes decades to build a strong bond.

I am at that stage of my life, bundled with highs and lows – relationship maturity, careers taking off, handling teenager, ageing parents, growing families, expanding social circles, house closings and big moves, family issues, and even loss. It’s now more than ever that we really need our close-knit tribe.

Some one said to me “Males usually bond with one another during activities, while women bond when they share their feelings”. Whatever type of healthy relationship we bring, it plays a pivotal role in general happiness. It is mutual and a win win for both; they come into our life for a reason, and so are we into their life too.

I strongly believe in having diversified social circles like family friends, cousins, work friends, community friends, fitness friends, hobby friends, etc., and so on. The list purely depends on an individual’s capability to maintain as many circles as possible. Maintaining these circles has its own challenges. Sometimes overlapping these circles could be fun or could be disastrous too. That is a different topic altogether.

For everyone, especially women, there are some special confidant people who become like soulmates, creating a kind of metaphysical connection. This could be a partner, sibling, family, or friend. But why are they special? It’s not very easy to say, but it’s just that our acceptance towards them is higher than anyone else. I must admit, there have been several times in my life where I feel like I’ve met the right person at just the right time. I have had a feeling that certain relationships were destined to happen, as if they were meant to be. The unexpected meetings that end up having an intense effect on you can feel like the most eerily serendipitous.

There is no doubt that people play a vital role in making our lives healthier, happier, and less stressful.

A growing field of science shows that strong friendship is vital to our health.

Back to where I started

What keeps us all going in spite of our repetitive scripted life :

“A friend who lets you down , or a partner who jilts teaches you forgiveness,

A demanding boss or a friend who asks too many favours teaches you boundaries,

A jerk who cut you off in the morning, or a grumpy delivery person teaches you patience,

It’s true that encountering unpleasant experiences with certain individuals is inevitable. These people may challenge our patience, expose us to uncomfortable truths, and teach us tough lessons that deeply affect us. On the other hand, there are those who bring a sense of gratitude into our lives; their affection can uplift us and their company feels like a comforting beam of sunlight that brightens our darkest moments.

As many times as we being the pupil , we can be a teacher too,

The advice that we share with our friends or partners can have a significant impact on them and cause a change in their perspective. Even when we are in a bad mood and our responses may come across as abrupt, we can still use those moments to help others learn the importance of empathy and understanding.

But both types of experience are equally valid and equally essential to our overall evolution.

Relationships can take many forms, some fleeting and others lasting a lifetime, but each one has the power to create a profound and lasting experience.

Without people and the connections we cultivate in life, our existence could be as monotonous as that of a robot, endlessly repeating the same tasks over and over again.

Go and get connected now !

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  1. esvbangalore says:

    Super. All words in this blog are true
    and out of experience met everyday by u .
    The difficulties that the mid age working women suffers to fulfil the family necessities and hardly work for office.
    Really great.

  2. Priti says:

    Yes absolutely whatever it is it gives us experience! Well shared πŸ‘

    1. Thanks for taking time to read my blog.

  3. Kalpana Sai says:

    Well articulated lavanya. Keep writing. God bless

    1. Thank you for reading Sai

  4. Thanks for reading Sai.

  5. Ish B says:

    Well written sis! Although for the other end of the spectrum, the concept of “people” is a privilege in reality, and for those under the so called “lower socio-economic” creed, this concept still seems to be a dream, despite their kindness and compassion to others.

    I wish more people think about “Being there for someone” rather than “Someone is always there for me!”

    1. Thanks Ishu for reading- Well, To me I see people bonding is beyond socio economy, creed or any other segmentation. β€œ it is just people β€œ – there is no label beyond that. In fact some of my best friends have a very different profession and have a totally different opinion on everything. It is the acceptance which help us bond and both of us get benefits. It is mutual. Thanks again for sharing your opinion 😍

  6. Srini says:

    As always, i find your blogs to be insightful and thought provoking . Very good writing. It triggered many a thought on how the people you relate to changes with time and context, while some remain constant irrespective .

    1. Well said . Thank you for reading my blog.

  7. Aneet Mohanty says:

    Very Nicely articulated. Loved it.

    1. Thank you Aneet !

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