Know Thy Enemies

In the ocean of highs and lows,

Adversities and enmities pull me drown.

As I  struggle to fightback….

To catch that one breath

Someone whispers right in my ears.  

“Let go” “Let go”

Know your enemy

Know your battle

Don’t make it worse, than it is already

Don’t fight, let it go, let is pass

Time will bring change.

Constant echo from everywhere. 

“Enemy(Cheater) takes it all, 

Loser stands with guilt 

Even if it is not fair and square” 

Should I still let it go ? 

Who is my enemy now 

Thy in the battle ready to fight ? 

Or the one in my mind ? 

Or those who pull me down.

In times of uncertainty 

Know yourself  than your enemy

And plunge in 

for the rest are just 

Self creations.

For some victory means rewards,

And for some it is a mere closure 

For me it is the comfort that 

“ I tried “ 

Knowing myself I will not give up,

The battle begins,

With no expectation but 

Only courage. 

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