Is it too much to ask for ? 

Every one’s day starts with lot of expectations! Most of it never gets fulfilled, some partially and some yes! It depends on person to person and how they take it!

But when it comes to relationships, there are few undefined or non-contract base simple expectations! These might be simple but the stronger the relationship deeper the expectations are! Apart from appreciations, gifts there is an untold pact which is the commitment and trust on each other! You are mine and so am I! A little bit of possessiveness and care for the partner builds this trust! And it is built brick by brick after many years of togetherness, accepting them for what they are! It’s an awesome feeling that nature has given as “love”!

It might initially start with a physical attraction but then gets stronger knowing what the other partner likes , what they don’t and how secure we are in each other’s presence! Generally many of these are not shared or told verbally it’s an emotional connection, and it’s taken for granted the pact is signed and that’s what the society also demands for! But what will happen if this small pact was broken by either one of them, the years it took to build the relationship will shatter in minutes, do you think it’s easy to rebuild if a second chance is given? Life has many unfold mysteries and one such is the feeling of love, and for a person like me who analyze each and every aspect, love at first sight is just physical and nothing else, love and trust builds together after knowing each other’s shortcomings and in spite of it  you like them and go to a stage where you believe they are part of you and can’t be separated! So I believe in this small world of two people relationship, a simple expectation Of

“Just be mine always ” is definitely not a big thing to ask for!

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