Wonders of the World

Who teaches a little bird to feed their babies ? How does a fish know it has to hatch its own egg! Be it a creator or scientific evolution, the question is the same, how does every living being knows how to lead a life and to take care of their off spring!

Do they also read parenting books, talk to their friends, and learn from its folks? Absolutely NO! Then how?

Parenting is a feeling just like any of our emotions and it’s a lifelong learning process!!! This beautiful feeling of parenting doesn’t happen in a day, when the baby is born and given in the hands of the mother, it is a slow and steady process with lot of trial and errors, I would say it’s a learning process as our kids grow!

Today my thoughts are not on how to parent, but I have questions like ” why do parents pressurise the kids in this digital world and make them hate their life ?? ” – tax their own kids life with too many goals and walk them through each step and make the kids so dependent!! I see frustration everywhere , even a small 4/5 year olds are pushed to know all things on earth and compared with peers ” does a dog compare its puppy with another one and think ” wow, that mom dog definitely knows how to handle the puppy ” or ” what kind of a mother is she ? Can’t handle her kid?? “. I don’t speak dog’s language nor understand, but I bet they don’t do that comparison!

As parents we are just being used by Nature as a channel to reproduce! Because we were the reason for a life to enter this world doesn’t mean we have all rights on them and influence their decisions.

Except for human all the other creatures know when to let them go! Yes, readers might think, am I nuts?? , comparing a human with a dog/ animal.

Yes ! I only can’t understand ” why not”?

Since my childhood I have been taught to learn good things from other people, now I realize it doesn’t have to be always people, learn from nature, plants, animals and any creatures for that say teaches us something or the other! And today I am fascinated by the way other than humans – who claim to be the smartest and can “think”, do parenting! It’s beautiful to see a nest with bird’s family, or a dog feeding new born little puppies, or a cub been caressed by a lioness! The smartest are ones who digs the trivial things, bombarded by peer pressures, pushing the kids to the brim sometimes we hear kids committing suicide!!

Do animals commit suicide?

Can we answer this question with our hearts open please? Who is the best parent here? The beautiful creatures helping their offspring to lead an individual and a happy life or so the called “smart and educated parents” letting their children run away from home, hate books, confused what to do, not sure of what happiness is… , and few trying to put an end to their life ! The answer is open!

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