A fork in the road!!

Oopsie! It’s Tough!! From Day 1 the running race still continues. And I bet there is no end to this, and while on the move I am stuck at the fork million times!!! There are always multiple options, but it usually comes down to two roads.

We have to choose one of those finally! Even a highly sophisticated decision tree will not work many a times, it’s a blind algorithm based on data! Life is not data collection and analysis, it’s more of heart’s decision than just Brains and Logic! Are you wondering what am I talking about?

Decision Making – it happens from the time the alarm goes on, Should I get up or sleep? Should I go to the gym or sleep one day? Should I cook this or that? Wear traditional or western? And the whole day goes with MCQ s and finally before hitting the bed, music? Book? Or just snore! So even without our knowledge we are contemplating within ourselves every second!

Forget about the everyday chores, there are many major decisions to be taken in life, and it takes days for us to conclude and start our march on one road, but can anyone assure that not even once have you thought about what would have happened if I had taken the other road, would it have been better than this? Why are our brains tuned in this way, is that nature s choice of letting human go through such choices?

No-one has an answer, but we are reassured to take a strong decision, then stick to it and keep focused! Easy to say than done! And choices are always influenced by very many factors around us, the society, peers, folks, kids, etc!

But my question here is why is it wrong if I take one road assuming that it would be the best, but for some reason it didn’t work and have to take a ‘U’ turn to start the journey on other road Wont it make the fork decision much more easier, let me try this if not that, am I not wasting my short life thinking what other’s will think about me!!!Who are these ‘ Others’? Don’t they have anything else to do other than thinking about me? Or am I over reacting to others thoughts! I bet there is no Answer here either!!!

I Guess, I should understand and find a balance, and which will be derived only through bad decisions, learning from failures and every day experiences!!! And it’s ok to take a wrong decision sometimes, once I realize its wrong and pick the courage and be strong to turn back is where I really win!

And now should I post this blog or just delete it………? Well, I just did!!

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