Leave Me Alone.. Can You ?

I want my time……

Day blooms with ‘Call’ time,

And fades with family time,

Weekends tagged with friends,

Flutter and flurry

Where is my time?? 

I want my time….

Yonks ago, even in a small space, 

With throngs of people around,

In the Midst of chaos

I had my time.

Latched inside meant just me

Privy meant Eureka time

Black out meant merry time

My time was just me & myself.

And Time rolls…

Life happens…

Big House & fancy cars 

More Utilities , helpers,

Door step services,

All just a click away,

Still, Where is my time? 

Who flew off with my time 

Is something trailing behind?

Not my shadow,

Creepy and scary,

I shut and hide myself

But someone knows it all 

What I think & dream

Even before I utter,

Jittery, edgy , fidgety

I want my time back ….

I Search everyday everywhere

Naively I try all my old ways ..

But I am never alone

And my time

Swept with the winds. 

“Find yourself  go inside“ 

Said someone

And I tested… 

Breathe in & out… 

oh my, Too much noise deep within.

Leave me alone…..

I want my time …just me 

Like my nonage days. 

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  1. esvbangalore says:

    Where is my time..good analysis.
    Even in small house and people around us gave pleasure and to enjoy the time. Now most of us r living in big houses with house keeping persons, everything can buy through online and there is no need to go out to buy from milk,vegetables, groceries, fancy items,dresses etc.
    Where is my time is a big question.
    Nothing but to set the mind to find time and enjoy is the only solution.

    1. Thanks 🙏 for reading

  2. Kalpana Sai says:

    Desparately required me time

    1. Thanks for reading Sai

  3. Anonymous says:

    True 👍

  4. Suba says:

    Hear ya!! Needs practice to be alone! Love the poem🙏

  5. Suba says:

    Hear ya! Needs practice to be alone!! Love the poem 🙏

    1. True Subi ! Thanks for reading it

  6. Saralshan says:

    Ur nonage time u r a free bird.nowadays ur tide with office works,family ,parents friends and ur needs If you want your nonage time its not possible.

    1. R Subha says:

      It’s that phase in life when you turn back abs realise where has all that time gone ?!? It’s never too late … Get that time for you NOW 🙂

      Lovely poem Lavan .. you are getting very very poetic and creative

      1. Thanks Shubha! Happy you liked it

  7. Anonymous says:

    Highly relatable. Time to think about self-love/priority.

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